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Yesterday, I turned "Double Nickel"

I have been on a quest to get healthier! I have set some amazing goals each week for myself with Routine, Accountability, Balance and Forgiveness. Not your typical personal trainer goals.......But goals I think we all struggle with. The one goal, I have recently come to recognize,, unexpectedly, is the need for "Positivity."

Go figure, I had not thought of that as a goal for a healthy lifestyle. What the heck??? Because, no goal is attainable with a foundation of negativity. With out positivity you are bound to fail.

I love the quote, "Your Mind Is a Positive Thing. When you fill it up with positive thoughts, your life will start to change."

What a powerful statement! There are so many other similar sayings!

"We attract what we put out there." "Negativity breads Negativity."

Let's consider those statements and that possibly this isn't just about our personal healthy lifestyle, but this "momentary pause" that has been bestowed upon us as a nation, has shown a sure need for positivity.

Presently, in this "Covid moment," we have a very limited ability to see the future. The Universe is asking us to "be still" and to "just breath." But, if our minds are filling up with the "what if's" or "how can we possibly survive this?", we can't possibly be open to seeing what we are guided to see.....Negativity get's in the way.

The world seems crazy, huh? Consider this, consider looking closer at what you see as crazy as something less frightening and more positive. Yes, the world outside our door has begun to shift in ways we could never have imagined, and maybe it's not something so negative, maybe, it's because we are not the only ones that need to be more positive, perhaps it's because positivity is necessary everywhere. Perhaps it's not just my quest, but the new found quest of humanity.

On a personal level, this pause coincided with my quest to be healthier by my birthday and paralleled with my own awakening.......On a broader level, I think this pause is about the people of the world who have also paused and now see the need to speak and be that positive change so desperately sought by Mother Earth, Mother Nature and their inhabitants, mankind.

As I turn 55, I feel the healthiest I have been both physically and now, even more so, mentally and spiritually. The only effects I can have on humanity, is my own sense of happiness. Bring a smile and a positive attitude into any given situation and it;s down right "catchy."

That will be my gift to humanity, a smile has a ripple effect and this world sure needs a few more smiles. Let's be that positive force! We can't control what we can't control, but we can create a happier existence with just a smile :)


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